Read David’s fiction online:

“Squares and Splashes: Two Chronologies of the Extraordinary Cherry Twins” Word Riot
“Hello, Ms. Highsmith, 1964” Eclectica Magazine
“How Gretel Met the Cannibal” Eclectica Magazine
Two Poets” Glossolalia
News on Frances Connelly” Wilde Oats
Freeways (an e-book containing the stories “Scars” and “One of These Days”) 

Grocery List  The New Flesh
Writings Found in Jenny Staven’s Apartment  FragLit
A Woman Alone Pulp Metal Magazine
The Wild Country Pulp Metal Magazine 

Bachelor Pad Flashes in the Dark
The Misfit MicroHorror

“The scraping ceased outside Luc’s room. Luc heard a rustling just beyond his door. He crept over to the window and lifted the curtain to peer outside. He saw a shadowy, masculine figure squatting near his door. The stranger looked as if he were sniffing the doormat.”
From “The Wild Country”